You have questions – I have answers! Here are some answers to the questions I get the most. When you are ready to chat, give me a call or contact me here. On to the answers!


Q:  Why do I need to offer benefits to my employees? Can’t they take care of that themselves?

A: Today’s employee market is quite competitive. If you want to attract AND retain quality employees, you are going to need a very attractive benefit program. I can help you come up with a customized employee benefits program that will help you both attract and retain great employees. That will help your business to grow!


Q: Am I paying too much for my employees’ benefits?

A: Maybe so. I am able to help many business owners create a customized employee benefits program that doesn’t cost more than it should. There are new options available now. These options do not include all of the mandates of the Affordable Care Act. Before choosing a program for your company, we would first perform a thorough review.


Q: I like my current plan – but I get no service from my broker. Can you help me?

A: This is quite simple, really! You can keep your current plan (if that’s the best fit for your employees), and switch to working with me. I often help companies who have not been happy with the service from a previous broker. I can walk you through the switching process.


Q: How do I know if I’m compliant with the ACA?

A: All my clients know that they are compliant with the ACA after I’ve done a thorough review of their current benefits package and we’ve made the necessary adjustments.


Q: Are there any association plans that are available where employers can band together?

A: This is a great cost-savings option that is available to employers in some areas. To know if your company qualifies to be a part of such a plan, contact me today.


Q: What services do you provide?

A: I am a full-service dedicated Account Executive. I help my clients with such things as: performing cost and benefit analysis, electronic enrollment, enrollment support, ACA compliance support, COBRA support, and more!


Q: How much do your services cost me?

A: My services are provided to you at no extra charge. There is no fee beyond your premiums.


Q: We are a healthy group but we keep getting 20 percent increases. Why is that? Can you help us do better?

A: We need to talk, there are some new plans that are available that might be just the right fit for your company and might cost you much less. Contact me today!


Q: Can I change my benefits plan in the middle of the year?

A: Yes.  Companies can improve their benefits package any time that is right for them. When you do this, you will receive a credit for your deductible that has already been satisfied, so there is nothing holding you back!


Q: I have other insurance needs, can you help me with those?

A: In addition to employee benefits we offer all lines of coverage. We can meet all your insurance needs. Contact me today to discover the full range of products and services we offer. I’m sure I can help you!


Q: Why Daniel and Henry?

A: Daniel and Henry has been around since 1921.  Not only do we have generations of experience behind us, but we also stay on the cutting edge of products and services that will help you provide the best customized employee benefits program for your company.


Be sure to contact me today to get the help you need to get the most out of your customized employee benefits program.